When you’re looking for wheels for your SUV, you don’t want to choose just any tyre fitment centre; you want a source that is reliable. There are various wheels available for different needs such as performance, economy, winter, noise-reducing and more. Take a step towards safer driving with the right Lenso wheels for your SUV.

Some drivers prefer longer tread life, while others think that driving quality is the most important factor. Also, when talking about all-season wheels, most put extra emphasis on the winter season component. If you prefer using one set of wheels all year, then choose the best all-round version for your SUV. There are a variety of wheels available for your SUV and there are also different colours to choose from. The IN range comes in black and silver. This range includes the IN 4, 5, 6, and 8 and is available in any size from 13 inches to 22 inches. The Intimidator 7-20 is also a well designed wheel which comes in matt black and red and in spark black.

Buying a quality set of Lenso wheels could last you quite a while and will be a good investment, depending on how and where you drive your SUV. This will determine how long your wheels will last, so choose wheels that fit into your adventurous world. Another range available for SUV’s is the RT 7 AND RT WM wheels, the RTA range also comes in black and silver. It consists of the RTA, RTA-CBJ, RTB-HD, and RTC-HS. The RTC-MB and RTE -2090-MT are also part of the RTA range. All of these wheels are suitable for SUV’s and for either on or off road adventures.

The aforementioned wheels can fit onto any SUV. Remember that when you buy a new set of wheels, find out about anti-theft lock nuts or bolts from your wheel and tyre fitment centre. These items will ensure that your new set of Lenso wheels cannot be removed from your SUV. Furthermore, always keep your wheels clean by washing it with soap and water so that you are able to prolong the longevity of your Lenso wheels.

Keep in mind that the wheel well clearance is limited on your SUV, so opt for a Lenso wheel combination that will not contact the vehicle when turning or when the suspension is compressed. Some vehicle manufacturers provide information regarding maximum wheel size in the owner’s manual so it’s best to consult the manual before selecting replacement wheels and tyres for your vehicle.

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