Lenso Wheels are high end racing wheels with great styling. Choosing a racing wheel should be easy as long as you know what you’re looking for. Whether you have a new vehicle and want an upgrade or have an older car and want more speed, Lenso racing wheels is what you need to quench your thirst for speed. Before shopping for wheels, you must determine the correct bolt pattern for your vehicle, including both the number of bolt holes and the diameter of the wheel’s bolt circle.

You also need to know what amount of positive or negative offset is necessary to maintain optimum handling of your car. You can have the most powerful engine and the smoothest transmission, but if your wheels aren’t up to speed, when the rubber literally meets the road, you aren’t going to get the performance you want. As wheels and tyres get larger, they get heavier. This added weight translates into a loss of acceleration and fuel economy. You may get better brake life and even better performance if you get lighter racing wheels.

There are a variety wheels available and you are not limited to style, colour and ranges. In the BSX range, you will find the BSX Orange, Silver Mirror Lip, the GBM, WM, and the AO1 BKM. These are all Lenso racing wheels available for your car. Another range what will give you that awesome adrenalin racing is the CQ range which is available from CQ2 to CQ8.

The Hawk range is the latest addition; it is a much higher performance racing wheel and is available in any inch size you would require. These wheels also come in different colours and the range includes the Hawk BKI, BKML, DGI, DGML, and the Hawk SI. These Lenso racing wheels are all suitable for a better racing experience. Keeping them clean is also essential as it’s believed that clean wheels perform better.

Custom wheels can enhance the appearance of a car, while making it uniquely and stylishly yours. The easiest way to make sure that you have the right combination is to just shop around for the best wheels for your racing car. Speed is just one advantage of quality wheels and tyres.

In summary, your wheels can impact your driving experience in three ways:

  • Top Speed – How fast your car goes
  • Acceleration – How quickly your car gains speed
  • Handling – How well your car handles turns

Racing can sometimes be dangerous, so stay safe and keep others around you safer.

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