Halloween might be a harvesting season but it sure is fun to dress up and create eerie settings for the festival. When considering a creepy look think about the theme itself: sharp, dark colours and bold.

Lenso Samurai Wheels

The Samurai range of Lenso has a sword like effect that gives any passer-by the creeps. The spokes on some of the wheels also seem spider-like because of the way they reach out to the lip of the wheel.

Lenso Black Angel Wheels

The name of this says it all. The wheels also have interesting effects that could go with the whole Halloween theme. Certain models have a warped design that looks like a “gaze into the future”.

Storm Corse Wheels

This range has spokes that look like the head of a bat. To stick to the creepy Halloween theme, the black version of this wheel is what you should get. The edging of each spoke also has a silver finishing that will illuminate when light hits the face of the model.

Scarlet Bravus Wheels

Scarlet is known to have a deep red on the inside of the wells. Now, imagine having spokes that look pointy and horror-like with a touch of red in the wheel wells? Your look will be complete with this specific wheel.

Scarlet Explorer Wheels

This model is made specifically for off-road cars but the design could fit in with the Halloween theme. Each spoke seems to be attached to a brace on the lining of the wheel. It looks similar to an experimental contraption for aliens. If you have a science fiction themed costume then you could incorporate your car with your whole look.

If you are the brave kind of person you could also experiment with colourful rims. Neon is a colour that usually grabs the attention of people at night. Neon can also be seen late at night because of how it reflects light.

We don’t celebrate Halloween like people once used to in the past. Nowadays, it has become a fun day where everyone can dress up and have parties with their friends and families. If we can dress ourselves up, why not use our cars and the Lenso wheels to complete the look for an extra special effect? Being bold is the intention of this holiday these days and we can express ourselves in more ways than on any other day of the year.