There are different types of wheels and tyres suitable for SUVs on the market these days.

Choosing tyres for your SUV shouldn’t be so difficult. Ultimately when choosing the right wheels, you should consider the maximum tyre size you want to fit on your SUV. A wider wheel needs a wider tyre, which will also help with the traction of the vehicle.

Shopping for new wheels and tyres can be a daunting task. Choosing the correct ones for your SUV is very important though, because they can’t be bought every day as that would be an expensive venture. There’s no particular way to tell which one provides the best grip, the longest life, or the shortest stopping distance by sight or feel.

No matter the type, tyres that combine the best grip with the longest tread life may cost a little more, but they are worth the extra money in the long run.

However, the cheaper wheels may be acceptable if you won’t be keeping your car for long.

Many tyres have a pro-rated tread-wear warranty which means that the balance of undriven kilometers will be credited toward the cost of the new tyre. When replacing them, we recommend sticking to the same type and size that originally came with your car.

There are a couple of different factors that prospective buyers need to take into consideration when shopping for wheels and tyres suitable for SUVs. When considering each factor, one should choose the option that suits your driving style.

If you drive an SUV on the roads most of the time and only take the vehicle off road occasionally, then tyres that perform better on tar roads should be chosen. The first decision SUV owners need to make is whether to install passenger car tyres or light weight truck tyres. Many SUVs are sold with the passenger version installed. Light weight truck tyres are made to handle more weight, so an individual who uses their SUV for towing or hauling heavy cargo may want to consider it.

You can determine whether to choose a car tyre or a light truck tyre by simply by looking at the information about the vehicle’s tyre size. If this string of information begins with the letters ‘p’ then it is a passenger tyre. Sizes beginning with LT indicate light truck tyres. Individuals who opt for winter tyres for an SUV should switch to all season or summer tyres when the weather improves so that they don’t wear out the winter ones prematurely. In order for them to be effective, though, all four must be winter tyres.

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