A terrain tyre is one that is commonly found on four wheel drive vehicles. Nothing transforms your ride like a beautiful set of wheels and tyres. Modern all terrain tyres have the hardest life of any tyre in the spectrum. They need to perform strongly in difficult off-road conditions as well as maintain respectable on-road manners and tread wear rates. The terrain tyre provides a good compromise between off-road capability and on road manners.

These are the ideal wheels which have incredible traction in snow, rain, corners and brakes like a racing slick. The different types of tyres available include the highway option, all season, snow and mud tyres. All terrain wheels and tyres are also known as off-road tyres, mud tyres or 4×4 tyres as they offer an on and off road driving experience. They have less aggressive tread patterns that sacrifice some off-road traction for better grip with their more specialized counterparts.

Things start turning when you begin to look for an upgrade from normal rubber to something more aggressive, such as all terrain tyres. For highway driving in a variety of conditions, they will offer good traction and low noise levels. Unless you happen to be an off-road enthusiast, you will probably only occasionally venture among the rocks and mud pits. Therefore you will need wheels and tyres that are sufficiently safe, efficient and comfortable on the roads. While retaining decent off-road ability you will need all terrain tyres.

If these tyres are made for all terrains, then you can be reassured that it can be used in wet, dry and off-road conditions. They are manufactured for high performance vehicles and should be able to withstand long distance driving and high speed driving. If you are on the race track regularly then you should opt for the Wanli High Performance Tyres. The Wanli range is suited for all terrains. The options include the Wanli 4×4, Wanli High Performance, Wanli Tyres for sports vehicles and the Wanli Light Truck. The Wanli passenger tyres are suitable for the cars you and I drive every day. The Wanli Truck Tyres are for the heavier trucks that transport heavy and bulky products.

You can drive in style on highways and on trails with aggressive all terrain tyres, which are built for both adventure and design appeal. These wheels and tyres are versatile on and off the road, for both everyday driving and racing.

A1 Wheel and Tyre is a private family owned and operated company specialising in the warehouse and distribution of wheels and tyres to the automotive fitment trade. The company has a well established operation in Johannesburg, South Africa.