Project D wheels are the latest craze amongst car lovers. Their design is interesting, unique, unusual, and they have a proven quality record. But what is it that makes these wheels so great? Why do they seem to stand out of the crowd?

Firstly, Project D wheels are made of alloy which tends to have a greater strength compared to its weight. They are much lighter than you would expect them to be, because they are designed for demanding car enthusiasts and serious car racers. The wheel and tyre industry embrace these wheels openly as they are lightweight and beautiful. They are popular amongst motorsport teams and racers across the world. Because they are lightweight, it does not add much extra weight to the vehicle.

The Project D wheels are a sub brand of the Lenso wheel brand name. What makes these wheels so great is the fact that it is the world’s most popular drift performance wheels. They have a high quality finish and an elegant style to it. Project D wheels have the largest selection available on the market and are renowned in the wheel and tyre industry.

The new wheels in this range have made waves in the industry and are legendary. The new wheels responsible for this wave include the D1R which is available in 20 inches and is designed for a full GT and sport touring car. The other wave maker is the PD-X which is light weight and is suitable for the tuned front wheel drivers.

The design materials are carefully inspected and tested for mechanical and technical suitability. The materials used adhere to international standards. The Project D wheels team includes highly qualified staff with comprehensive information and service levels. What makes Project D special is the fact that the staff are committed to create the best wheels the world has ever seen. They have gone from strength to strength because Lenso rigorously adheres to strict quality control procedures before any Project D product leaves the factory.

All these factors and many features contribute to the handling and performance of the vehicle on any road. These wheels not only give you an accurate handling while driving your family car but when you’re racing too. The Project D wheels manufacturer’s high quality standards are resoundingly confirmed and validated by its achievements of two prestigious awards. This is what makes Project D wheels so great.

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