Choosing tyres shouldn’t be a decision you make on your own. Ask your tyre expert to assist you in choosing the right tyres for your car, whether travelling short or long distances.

Standard tyres are ideal for most 4-door sedans, midsize or compact vehicles. This is ideal for short distance travelling. Standard wheels have larger sidewalls and a narrower footprint. Touring tyres are usually found on more premium vehicles that are equipped with a touring suspension. Generally, tyres have a shorter sidewall and a larger footprint. This provides for more responsive handling sidewall and a larger footprint, which leads to more responsive handling. Make sure you use the correct size tyre for your vehicle because not all them are created equally.

Most consumers will make the mistake of waiting until spring to get new tyres. As they wears out, dry traction generally increases and wet traction decreases. So the best time to buy new tyres is not in the spring, but in autumn. So if you’re going to travel a long distance, ensure your tyres are not worn out. Passenger-car and light-truck tyres are very different. SUV owners will generally select passenger-car tyres because they are less costly and offer a smoother ride. However, if a vehicle will consistently be loaded with passengers or will be asked to pull a heavy trailer, then perhaps the higher load-carrying capacity of a light-truck tyre would be the better choice. This is suggested if you are going to drive far with a heavy load.

Wheels and tyres are not so pricey and the service manager will help you select the correct type for your vehicle. However, you should always shop around. Tyres and installation prices vary widely from store to store. If yours are worn, under-inflated, or not suited to the environment, you put a lot of other people at risk besides yourself. But most drivers don’t know enough about tyres to make a good purchase. For some, the choice comes down to how much it costs and the availability. Others buy it based on appearance or reputation.

Wheels and tyres are the most important safety accessory on your car. They are the connection between you and the road surface. Tyres will greatly affect safety and driving comfort. Ensure that your tyres are in good condition and remember to maintain them whether you are travelling short distances or long distances. Make sure that you fit a tyre that is capable of supporting the load your vehicle.