Although, the car might be all yours to change and enhance, did you know that some modifications done to your car could get you into trouble? Before making these changes to your vehicle, make sure that these are not one of them:

Installing Nitrous Oxide Cylinders – these are intense performance boosting parts that can make the car shoot forward with incredible force and speed. Nitrous oxide is also something that many drivers can’t handle because of this incredible force.

Bigger Wheels – vehicles have a standard wheel well size that can only fit a specific size wheel and tyre. Fitting bigger wheels and tyres have the risk of rotating against the well thus wearing down the rubber on the tyre. There is also the risk of shaving off parts of the rubber and hitting the roads at high speeds. This puts other drivers at risk as their attention will be distorted.

Dark Tints – there has to be visual clearance through the windows of the car. Tints that block the driver’s face is noted as an offense. The only windows that can have extremely dark tints are the back windows but they can’t be completely black. It is also necessary to see into the car in case you have reported your car as stolen. The police will be able to describe the driver to other police officers.

Loud Exhaust – Not only is a loud exhaust irritating to the ear but it can also get you a fine. Loud exhausts disturb the peace in certain suburbs and towns. There is a limit as to how loud the exhaust can be before you get pulled over.

Dropped Suspensions – many cars were not made to have the chassis of the car so close to the road. A dropped suspension also makes it difficult for the driver to go over road humps.

Light Modifications – the driver is not allowed to change or tint the colour of the lights on the car. Standard light colours have been used for other drivers to notice you in case you suddenly brake. Tinting the glass cover is also against standard rules of the law. Indicator light modifications are also not allowed. These need to remain the standard colour at all times.

Under Body Neon Lights – these are bright lights that are installed underneath the car. These trick people into believing that you are a cop car. It is also relatively distracting when driving at night.

The best types of modifications to have installed are new and classy wheels from an accredited wheel supplier, as well as standard aesthetic changes such as paintwork or vinyl decals on the chassis done by a professional.

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