Conquista wheels have existed since 2009 and are part of the Lenso wheel range. The Conquista series has redefined the definition of high performance rims for luxury and sports cars with its timeless yet cutting edge style. It is designed to fit performance SUVs with a 5-7 lug pattern.

It is a creation that was crafted to conquest the world of high-end luxurious performance wheels. The Conquista series is the result of years of research and development in the advancement of finite element analysis. The result is 25 percent reduction in un-sprung weight over the similar sized wheel offered by any other brand. The reduction in weight not only transforms the way suspension responds into another level but also gives better acceleration and deceleration than other wheels.

There is an extensive range available. This is a range designed to meet demands all over the world. Behind these wheels lies a talented designing team. The Conquista wheel from Lenso is a slick styled design, available in a satin black or polished face finish. This wheel features a tapered spoke which is cast right to the wheel rim for a large appearance.

It is lightweight, hand polished and available in varieties of sizes. The 5 spoke design is considered to be a classic timeless design. The spokes reach to the edge of the wheel, which makes it appear visually bigger once on the car. The particular Lenso Conquista CQ7 Alloy Wheels come in a variety of sizes and fitments. These wheels are made to fit any vehicle so make use of the vehicle fitment configurator at the wheel and tyre retailer when you buy them. The configurator will check all the fitment data and determine whether these particular wheels will fit your vehicle.

Conquista wheels are designed to fit on any car from a Toyota to an Aston Martin. They range from a CQ1 up to the latest wheels available the CQ7 and CQ8. It has a rim diameter of 17 inches per wheel. It is durable, sturdy and long lasting for long driving distances if used correctly. Conquista wheels are available at many wheel and tyre fitment centres across the country. For the protection of log nuts, rims and wheels there are accessories available also. There are also tyre repair kits for those who prefer to do it themselves, although it’s always recommended that you used a qualified fitment expert to fix your wheels and tyres when necessary.

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