Many people are drawn to the idea of pink cars, especially young ladies. Pink is feminine and soft. It takes a lady with a strong personality to be able to pull off this daring colour. When creating a feminine car using pink you should follow strict guidelines to avoid the car looking tacky.

Avoid painting the entire car with this colour. Pink is an overwhelming colour that distracts many people. The main colour should not be pink. The main colour should be black or white. Pink is an overwhelming colour and can be seen clearly as a small detail in the car. You also want to avoid the car looking like something that belongs to a doll.

Don’t paint the mirror covers completely in pink. It is a difficult colour to see on the road. Allow black edging as an outline to other drivers.

The roof of the car can be changed to this extraordinary colour. The roof might be one of the surfaces that is barely noticed by anyone. Why? This is mainly because the roof doesn’t have any performance peaks besides aerodynamics. Not many people take note of that shape.

Hot pink may be too overwhelming for most people. You can try pearly pink instead. The benefit of having this toned down pink shade is that you can match the wheels with this colour and it won’t be such a conspicuous car. It will look classy and feminine.

The interior is where you can really express yourself with the colour. Because it’s your own personal space you can use as much colour as you want. Try to avoid it looking like a plastic car, though. To make this look really work on all aspects, keep the pink at bay by using it on the smaller components such as the steering wheel and streaks on the leather of the seats.

If you are interested in installing pink wheels try to go with a design that has thin spokes. Remember, the black has to be present everywhere. The empty spaces allow for the black to calm the look down a bit. You can find black ones at a good wheel wholesaler.

Don’t forget that although the style matches your preference it may not be to everyone else’s taste. But who cares, it’s your car. Plus you can keep your status and pride by only adding the pink shades to certain unique elements on the car.

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