The holidays are approaching and many of us are planning our vacations. Where shall we go this year or what shall we do? The rest of us will be travelling across the country to visit family and friends who live far away from us. With the ever increasing costs of flights, it appears to be cheaper for a family to travel by car. Travelling by car has its own demands, which means that you need to think of your family’s safety before and during your travels.

Here are a few travelling and car safety tips to get you on your journey safely.

Send your car for a service. Before you go away on vacation, take your car in for a service so that it can be thoroughly checked. Check the engine, the oil and water, the wheels and tyres, the wheel alignment, brakes and conduct an overall vehicle check. You want to ensure that your car is in tip top condition before you depart.

Pack your car optimally. Don’t overload your car. This will put more pressure on your tyres than is acceptable and may cause a slow puncture. Or the tyres could burst when you approach a pothole or an obstruction in the road. Also ensure that your rear view is not obstructed. You need to be able to see through your rear window. If you extra baggage, hire or purchase a trailer to store the rest of your luggage.

Check the tyre pressure before you depart. You can do this at any service station, check how many bars you require and pump your tyres to the optimal pressure. It shouldn’t be filled with too much air as this will make the tyre too stiff and could cause it to burst when exposed to extra weight.

Fill your car’s tank with fuel. Ensure you fill your car’s tank with fuel before you leave for your destination. You don’t want to end up on a long road with no town in sight and have to get stuck without fuel.

Pack an emergency kit. Keep an emergency in your car for any eventualities. Pack a first aid kit and car emergency safety signs and equipment. That is, include emergency items such as a safety triangle, a torch, a spanner and other accompanying tools.
With these safety tips you and your family will enjoy a comfortable journey ensuring that your car and all aspects of it such as the engine, brakes, wheels and tyres are all in working order.

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