There are numerous tyre brands in the market of which some are suited for cars, others for SUV’s or other types of vehicles. Tyre retailers have their work cut out for them as you have to consider your customer’s needs when it comes to the types of wheels and tyres you stock in your wheel and tyre retail store.

Here is a list of tyre brands that you should stock in your wheel and tyre store along with their benefits.

Lenso Wheels. This is a popular brand of wheels that is known the world over. It is renowned for its quality and reliability. There are a variety of Lenso Wheels that designed specifically for passenger cars and for SUV’s or 4X4’s. Their mag wheels are available in a variety of stylish designs that are preferred by both men and women. This is also an award winning brand which has won numerous awards for its design and quality. It has also been awarded the safety standards ISO9002 and ISO/TS 16949 as assessed by TÜV Rheinland. Be sure to stock these varieties so that your customers have more options available.

Wanli Tyre brand. Wanli’s range of tyres are suited to all terrains and vehicles. The options of tyres include Wanli 4WD (for four wheel drive vehicles), Wanli High Performance (for sports cars and high performance vehicles), Wanli Light Truck (for smaller lightweight trucks), Wanli Passenger (for passenger vehicles such as the cars you and I drive daily) and Wanli Truck (for heavy duty transport trucks). Each set of Wanli tyres is specifically manufactured for the vehicle that is to use it. This brand has a wide variety of tyres which is ideal for tyre stockists who want to give their customers a variety of quality tyre brand options.

Scarlet Luxury Wheels. This brand of wheels is for the customer that wants to upgrade their vehicle and make it look more stylish and elegant. It is a good brand for the more upmarket make of vehicles. This brand of mag wheels add that extra elegance that a vehicle owner might prefer. The unique designs are coupled with the quality of the wheels and ensure durability for years to come. Your customers will love these design options that are available by Scarlet Luxury Wheels.

These are three brands that will add value to your wheel and tyre retail store as customers will enjoy the variety that you have available especially when it is coupled with reliability.

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