No one likes being stuck in traffic, but the reality is that it happens a lot more often than we’d like. When you find yourself there it’s a good idea to have a plan for what to do, particularly if you don’t want to be stuck counting the treads and dings in the wheels and tyres of the cars around you.

Have A Soundtrack

It’s a good idea to have a pre-arranged soundtrack for when you get stuck in traffic. What kind of music helps you keep your cool is good, whether that’s smooth jazz or blaring heavy metal so you can get out your frustration while your wheels and tyres move forward at a crawl.

For those who want something a little more engaging though, getting books on CD is also an option. Though they’ve been around for years, audio books are an under-utilised resource for keeping you and all those in your car entertained no matter what’s going on with the traffic outside the vehicle.

Arrange Your Day

When you get a moment to breathe, even if it’s because of a traffic jam, you have a chance to arrange your day to your liking. Thanks to how common place cell phone technology has become it’s easy to turn your car into a temporary office. Particularly for those who have blue tooth technology, making their phone completely hands free. This gives the driver the ability to call a wheel and tyre place to make an appointment, or to phone clients to try and resolve issues while traffic is at a standstill. If traffic is moving, but at a slower pace, then the driver can arrange a mental task list, and put it in the order of necessity. For instance, calling the wheel and tyre place might be at the top of the list, but all of the day’s sundry tasks can be put in a descending order of importance as well.

Play Road Trip Games

While they might typically be thought of as things played with family on long trips, car games can be a good way to pass the time. whether it’s something as simple as “I Spy,” watching for license plates, or just keeping an eye out for yellow cars (perhaps in traffic going the other way), these games can often last long enough for you to get back to the open road and on your way.