We live in an age where almost everyone owns a car or some kind of vehicle. Whether it is a new car or an older version, we all require wheels and tyres. And this is a product that many people spend a lot of time looking for and comparing because there are so many different types of wheels and tyres on the market. For that main reason, it is very important for a tyre retailer to stock a variety of tyre brands. There are, however, many other reasons why a wheel and tyre retailer should stock a range of tyre brands.

These are the reasons why it is important for a wheel and tyre retailer to stock a wide range.

Each wheel and tyre brand offers its own purpose for your vehicle. Certain wheel brands are best suited for cars, while others are better for SUV’s or trucks. Then there are other brands that can cater wheels suitable for passenger vehicles as well as for SUV’s, such as Lenso Wheels. Lenso Wheels has a range of tyres that are manufactured to optimise your driving experience in your car plus it has another range that is best suited for SUV’s. On the other hand, there are tyres that are manufactured for racing purposes. Wanli’s brand include a range that are made for high performance vehicles. These tyres are made to endure extreme conditions especially during racing. And if they are suitable for racing conditions, they will be suitable for any condition that you drive in.

Just as the purpose is unique so are the styles of wheels and tyres. If you look at the range of wheels for Lenso Wheels, you find that their designs are different to that of Storm, Borghini and Scarlet Luxury Wheels. Each manufacturer has their own unique designs that customers may prefer to another. Some brands may design a style a more bold design that is usually preferred by men whereas there are other brands that have a more stylish design that is suited for both men and women. Keep in mind that your male and female customers have different preferences in the look of their cars. It is, therefore, imperative that you stock a variety of wheel designs so that you have a product that your customer will purchase.

As a wheel and tyre retailer that wants to be successful in this industry, you must cater for a broad market which includes that of male and female customers as well as passenger vehicle owners and SUV owners.

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