There are always drivers out there who try their best to make the best modified car on the streets. They change everything from the external trim to the interiors. Are you looking at making your car completely customised too? Start off with changing the wheels first as they can make the most dramatic impact.

What shape is your car? Sometimes, certain wheels only look good on certain shapes such as hatchbacks, sedan or coupes. Hatchback car models look really good with the busier wheels with over six spokes. The series ranges that have this unique look are Black Angel, Opus, Project D and Samurai.

Black Angel wheels usually come in a two tone style. The style of the spokes on the Black Angel wheels is tapered. You won’t see the variation at first glance but the fine detail adds beauty to the multiple spoke wheels. This, ultimately, gives your hatchback a unique appearance. Many of the Black Angel wheels have a spiral centre that looks like it has a mirage effect. This specific model has a shiny silver face with the interior a complete black. The gap between the two colours allows you to visibly see the difference.

Samurai is one of the most popular series of Lenso Wheels. Most of the models have a completely silver face with the linings in black that almost looks like a mask – something that a Samurai would wear. Samurai wheels complement hatchbacks because of their contrasting appearances. Samurai usually has complicated patterns that look stunning on a small car. Each Samurai model is also equipped with a unique sign. The sign is the logo for the series and is always in red so that it gets noticed.

The Opus series does not have many models in the range that has the multiple spokes style. A few wheels in this range have a specific pattern that is unique to the series. For example, the OP3 model has its spokes paired and the OP5 alternates between a pair of spokes and a singular spoke.

Project D was mainly made for drift racers but Lenso decided to add a version of this range for the everyday driver. If you look at any of the models, you will notice that between every spoke is a curved V-shape without sharp points. Each spoke is also quite deep for better support. This series is also another popular Lenso Wheels brand that looks good on small hatchback vehicles.

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