It’s a well-known fact that the best part of the wheel is the spokes that comprises of the majority of the design. After the design of the spokes the other elements are added such as the colour and lip. Here are the trendiest spoke designs to give your car the ultimate incredible look.

Lenso Wheels are known to be the most impressive when it comes to design and functionality. Here are the different designs that they have.

The Samurai model is the type of wheel that shows the speed your car could potentially possess. The sleek metal bars that connect the parts together show the elegance in your ride. They also have rapid curves that give the wheel a deadly look. This could be why the range is called Samurai. It is graceful but deadly, figuratively of course.

The Black Angel range has a unique appearance that isn’t often seen. The detailing on this wheel is incredible with its sleekness and intimidation. The spokes seem to have many layers giving the face a striking look. The spokes also have a slight curve for the elegance. The range also does not contain a wheel that has less than eight spokes. This concept appears like a shield on each of your tyres. This may not be a literal aspect but it does have a striking effect.

Opus wheels have the intimidating look. The definition of the word means a large composition with regards to music. These wheels look like a musical piece of art in motion. The outermost layer on the face is always silver and shiny. Can you imagine the beautiful effect this wheel could deliver? It would appear like a lighting effect that can only be achieved by light technicians in theatre productions. Most commonly, the spokes are paired in twos. This could also assist with the practicality of the wheel.

The Conquista range has many geometrical shapes that resemble a triangle. This triangle is present in any dimension. The spoke could protrude outwards to create a sharp triangular shape. The name of the model is associated with the word conquering which clarifies why the angles are so prominent. Domination is what this Lenso wheel represents.

Although a regular person won’t notice the concepts behind the design an avid car enthusiast will. Good design is meant to evoke feelings, whether it is excitement or joy, this should come naturally without much thought when you look at a specific wheel. Wheel importers and wholesalers are aware of this so they can advise you as to which option is the best for your car.

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