Drifting is a common sport among most supercar owners. It isn’t the most practical sport to take part in as it replenishes your car parts. One car part that would seem to last the longest would be the wheels. Project D wheels are likely to stay intact as you are showing off your driving skills.

Drifting cars need to be light and are supposed to be rear wheel drive because of the hand brake turns that happen every time you take a corner or curve. This can be particularly dangerous and the wheel of the car has to be able to withstand the different forces that occur.

Project D wheels are known for their wide rims which support the size of the tyre. This means the depth is relatively deep and most sports cars or super cars are made to have this specific feature. It’s important to have a wide wheel because the speed you are going whilst drifting could likely flip your car over. The more surface area the wheel has, the safer you are.

Project D is also known to fit low profile tyres. This style is meant to be used whilst drifting because of the perfect fit it has, and the incredible lightweight material it’s been made from. At the same time as being lightweight, the material also has to be durable and strong without shattering inside the tyre or being moulded into a different shape.

Stability is the most important part when it comes to any form of racing and drifting is a more intense version as it needs the maximum amount of permanence. The one occurrence you should be terrified of is accidentally flipping the car because your wheels couldn’t handle the drift. The reason why this happens is because either you don’t have proper control of the car whilst you pull the handbrake or because you don’t have the right wheels or tyres. The two work hand in hand. One allows for the drifting to happen and the other keeps the tyre intact under such harsh pressure.

Besides being the perfect wheel for the race, Project D also has a beautiful appearance with many different faces to give your car the racing look. A racer wants to look like the status he has as well as maintain it.

To be a racer of the sport of drifting you need to not only have the wheels but also the skills to drift your car along a curve or corner. Luckily most wheel wholesalers stock many different options so all you need to be concerned about is keeping your head in the game and your mind focused.

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