New Year, new me is now an outdated statement. We are all well aware that changing yourself completely is as easy as getting petrol separated from diesel once mixed. There is nothing wrong with change, but maybe changing something else in your life could be beneficial. Changing the wheels on your car is a good start.

Grandioza Wheels are perfect for a fresh new look because they are trendy with aspects available in shiny silver or matte black. A car deserves the best accessories and Grandioza Wheels might be the perfect way to go. Keep in mind that there is a huge difference between silver and chrome. Use chrome to accentuate trimmings on the car instead.

Max Wheels are bulky and aggressive. These are the two personalities that every off-roader wants when climbing rocks and mountains. These specific wheels also come in two tones: silver with black or black with silver. Depending on which colour you want as the dominant shade will depend on the wheel you choose. They also always have a consistent pattern that goes along the lip, whether it is a circular or a rectangular shape.

Samurai Wheels look absolutely gorgeous. With their slim spokes and black trimmings they can make any car look like an exotic beauty. The best part about these wheels is that each style and model has its own personality with the different curves and shapes they are designed with. For example, there is a model that looks like an ancient warrior that knows all the fighting techniques. Then there is a model that looks like an agile assassin.

Jager is another great wheel to spruce up the look of your car for the New Year. Although, the designs of the different models are consistent, the simplicity is what gives the wheel its status and great appeal. This brand is also known for having options in more than one shade of grey or silver. Spokes on the Jager are broad and usually there are only five spokes which have been welded to the rim. The positioning of these spokes is also the same for the different versions.

Lastly, there is the Road and Terrain wheel. The main feature that this option has is that the spokes always reach a halfway depth on the rim. At the end of each spoke is a small indentation that has been added for extra strength. The Road and Terrain wheel is, in fact, an off-road Lenso Wheel and extra strength is beneficial to the life span of the wheel.