There are different types of mags that are made especially for SUV’s. Make the right choice by visiting a professional wheel and tyre fitment centre that will help you to choose the best mags for easy and safe driving.

The trend of large mags has made the SUV one of the most famous vehicles around. There are mags available that will fit any SUV. The latest quality mags will make your car look cool and it will give your car’s value a boost.

One of the mags that is suitable for your SUV is the Hawk Range. It comes in different sizes and styles for both cars and SUV’s. The Hawk Range includes the BKI, BKML, DGI, DGML and the Hawk SI. There are also a variety of colours to choose from. Colours that are available in the Hawk range include black, gold and black, and silver.

There are many types of mags to choose from such as the Amazon GLBK and MATBK. The Mystic range includes the Mystic 2 HS, BKMF, MBK and the Mystic SMF. These are available in black, silver and black, and silver. In addition, the Macho Mat is black in colour, and the Forrest SL is silver in colour. Both of them have 6 spokes and are a perfect fit for the SUV that travels a lot.

Other mags that will fit your SUV perfectly include the Rugged GLBK and MTBK. They have 5 spokes and are black with a silver lining. Further options include the Runner which is available in black and silver, the Sonar which is gold in colour, and the Thunder which is black and silver. These mags are available with 8 spokes. The Voyager SS and the Venus HS both have a 5 spoke mag and are silver in colour.

The BSX Range is also very popular. It includes the BSX 16 4 which is orange colour for the more daring SUV owner. Other colours available are chrome and silver which are prevalent in the BSX GBM and BSX WM range. All these mags range in sizes from 15 to 20 inches.

The IN Range is also suitable for SUV’s. The range starts from an IN 4 to an IN 8 option and is available in a different variety of number of spokes. This gives you more styling options depending on your taste.

When fitting your mags onto your SUV make sure that the alignment is also done and all bullet lug nuts and valve stems are firmly attached.

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