Mag wheels can give your car a whole new look. One that creates an image of sportiness or one of sophistication, depending on the mag wheels that you choose. The styling in the Hawk range, which is manufactured by Storm, is unique and conjures up images of young men in sporty cars.

This range of mag wheels has a distinctive spoke pattern that is styled like two line bars crossing each other. This pattern is then repeated all around the axis and there are 18 crossed spokes on each of the Hawk mag wheels. They are made of alloy which is versatile, light and easy to clean. With warm water and a little soap, your Hawk wheel will be spotless and perfectly clean. In this range, you’ll find the following options.

The Hawk SI is silver in colour with a glossy appearance. It is suitable for most of the old style cars which are considered classic cars. It looks great on the box shaped BMW’s or the convertibles of that era. To make your modified car more upclass and sexy, then the Hawk range is the wheels to choose.

The Hawk DGML is matte to the touch with a charcoal colour. This is for those men who want something different but don’t want to be too adventurous in their choice. This option suits both the classic cars as well as the modern sporty hatch back cars such as the Volks Wagen Golf.

The Hawk DGI is a grey colour and appears glossy. It is a slightly darker shade than the silver option and looks a bit more understated yet stylish. This one is also suitable for the classic cars and looks great on any colour sporty car.

The Hawk BKML is more unique in the colour variation seeing that the spokes are black. These mag wheels are for the more adventurous driver that wants to stand out of the crowd. It looks great on cars that are black or white. With the black car, it complements the colour. With the white car, it creates a contrast that makes the mag wheels stand out.

The Hawk BKI has a gold colour tint to it. It is very subtle but creates a unique look that is particularly suited to cars that are gold or bronze in colour. It will look great on a gold Volks Wagen Golf and a Volks Wagen Polo.

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