Most men love the thrill of buying a new car or buying new mag wheels for their car. At first, the wheels look great on the car. Everything is clean, new and shiny; and all eyes are on you and your car. After a few weeks your alloy mag wheels can start to look dirty due to the build up of dirt and grease. This can be quite damaging to the longevity of your wheels.

How do you clean alloy mag wheels?

  • Rinse the mag wheels so that you can remove any dust and some of the dirt and grease. Rinsing the dust or sand particles will ensure that when you wash the mag with a sponge or cloth and with cold water, you won’t cause any scratches which would occur due to the friction of the sand particles and the cloth against the mag.
  • Take a soft sponge and gently remove any of the remaining sand particles to avoid any friction. Don’t scrub the mag at this stage. You’re just trying to remove anything that cause scratches on your mags. Let the wheels cool down after a trip before you start cleaning them.
  • Next pour some cleaning liquid, namely mag wheel cleaner for alloy mag wheels, into a bucket of water. Be sure to use the correct amount of cleaning solution. Dunk the sponge into the water mixture and squeeze out some of the water so that there is some soapy solution on the sponge. Use this to wash the mag and remove the rest of the dirt and grease. At this stage, you shouldn’t have to scrub too hard as most of the dirt should have dissipated during the rinsing stage.
  • Use an old toothbrush to reach the difficult corners and remove the dirt. You know those tiny crevices that you just can’t reach with your fingers or the sponge. A toothbrush will gently remove the grease and leave the crevices spotless.
  • Using a hose pipe, rinse the soapy cleaning solution and removed dirt from the mags.
  • Then take a soft cloth, preferably one that won’t leave any water marks on the mags and wipe the mags dry. A chamois is a good option. Don’t let them air dry simply because it is convenient. This will leave water streaks on your mags that will look unsightly.
  • Finally use wheel wax specifically for alloy wheels. Wax the wheels every three months to ensure that the alloy is sealed and protected from stubborn dirt stains.

If you take care of your alloy mag wheels you will find that they will look new for a much longer period. Cleaning it on a regular basis it will make the cleaning process easy as excess grease will not have a chance to build up.