If you are an adventurous person and you love grand designs or to make a statement, then you probably experiment with different colours and styling on your car. There are interesting ways to modify your car by incorporating different colours without it looking strange of funny. Remember there is a fine line between art and funny, when it comes to colour schemes. Here are a few tips on how to include it in your car design.

Firstly decide on the main or dominant colour and then choose the complementary ones, which will be your secondary colours. For example, red can be your main and black or white can be your secondary colours. Alternatively, green can be your main colour and yellow could be your secondary colour.

The main colour will be the one that covers most of your colour. Generally it would be the colour of the car. The secondary colours can be used on the main colour or on the mag wheels or in the car. For example, the main colour black would be of your car. The secondary colours red and white could be incorporated in choosing red mag wheels and adding white decals on the black of the vehicle. The white decals could be a sporty design or something that you love. The interior of the car could be either black, red or white as they all would look good.

If you like multiple colours, narrow down your choice and break it down into the main and secondary. You can have multiple colours as your secondary cones and apply them to the different parts of your car. For example, yellow can be your main colour which is applied to the body of the car. Blue, green and red can be the secondary colours. You can add decals in all three of these. A creative design that flows or swirls, using blue, green and red, will look interesting and eye catching. Furthermore, the interior, namely the car seats, can be changed to yellow to complement the body of the car. Green mag wheels will look interesting against the yellow and ties in with the green in the decals.

The colours that you choose will depend on your style choices, your favourite colours and your personality. The car’s unique design is a reflection of your style and your personality. Whether you are outgoing, adventurous, an introvert, or a party animal, enjoy incorporating colours in your life.

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