Project D wheels are designed for the demanding car enthusiasts and serious racers. This project has a high interest in motorsport teams worldwide. Most of these wheels are high quality products and are exported to certain parts of the world. Project D is a sub brand of the popular Lenso wheel brand name.

The Project D wheels are made of alloy which tends to have greater strength compared to its weight. It gives a smooth aesthetically pleasing finish. Project D wheels add more value to your car as they are durable and give more brake clearance plus deceleration. Because of all these factors and lightweight features of these wheels, it contributes to the performance and handling of the vehicle.

There are different models available in the Project D range. The five spoke design has a high quality finish and the sizes range from 15 inches to 20 inches; and there are models that fit a full wide sized GT and sport touring car. Furthermore, the range extends from a five spoke up to a 12 spoke designed wheel. All these wheels have elegant designs and Project D has the largest selection of wheels on the market and is renowned in the wheel and tyre industry.

Two new wheels in the Project D series that has made waves in the wheel and tyre industry are the Legendary D1R in a 20 inch size and the PD-X. The Legendary D1R is designed for the full size GT and sport touring car and the new PD-X has a light weight design that aims for the tuned 4WD and high performance front wheel drive cars.

Project D is one of the world’s most popular drift performance wheels. It comes in a variety of colours and designs. It has been designed for the car enthusiasts and the racers. Whether you’re driving an AWD, RWD, FWD or driving on the circuit, drift or drag racing, you can find the ideal Project D wheels for your vehicle. The wheel and tyre industry openly embrace these wheels as they are beautiful and lightweight, and they don’t add much more weight to the car during travelling.

Project D Wheels has proven to be popular amongst motorsports teams across the world. They contribute to the overall performance and handling of the vehicle by decreasing the vehicle’s weight and contributing to a more precise steering response. These wheels give you a more accurate handling of the vehicle during driving or racing.

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