Times have passed where the colourful wheels were attractive. Once upon a time, the coloured wheel was a unique trend that only the trendiest guy would have. The same went with the colour of the car. Maybe that isn’t the case today.

Most cars come with the standard colour the manufacturers designed it in. The most well-known instance is the Ferrari in its unique red and the Lamborghini in rust.

Have you ever seen the paint job of the body of the car match the wheels? This only works with black and silver cars. When the car is pastel blue or baby pink the wheels should be colourless. Today, this sort of modification is childish and too bright for the human eye.

If you are into changing the colour of the wheels make sure that the colours contrast. A good example is having a sliver of the wheel in orange or green where the body is black or matte black.

Do not, by any means, match patterns with the body of the car and the wheels. If you thought the pastel colours looked cheap you haven’t seen this concept. It is an interesting image on the roads but it isn’t a very elegant and classy one.

Don’t install crazy, blinding colours on your tyres. It might go well with the shade you picked with your car but at a distance it looks like a car belonging to the 80’s.

Matte with matte doesn’t look too great either. The car tends to look flat and invisible to people even if it is an impressive car with impressive performance. You have to pick one and think about how to maintain that paint job.

How glossy do you intend on painting the car? A glossy metallic or something that just looks clean? If you love the reflective metallic paint make sure that the colours are not the same. Silver metallic paint doesn’t match silver wheels. This is the same concept as the matte on matte look. It will look like a futuristic invisible car to the public. Not only that but can you imagine how easily a scratch can be seen?

Wheels are meant to show the class of the car. Rather experiment with the body of the car when it comes to colour. Cars in general are seen as a symbol of status among many people. Your status is important and a good wheel supplier will recognise this when you visit them. Keep the car in line with standard designs. You can never go wrong with simple sophistication.

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