Many people are a bit skeptical when it comes to colourful mag wheels. So what will colourful mags look like on your car? One word: awesome. In all seriousness though, a new set of mags will make your car look great, especially if you are still driving around with the mags you first bought your car with.

First of all, it’s important to note that wheels and rims are usually thought of as synonyms with the word ‘rims’ often being used as slang to refer to the more formal term ‘mags’, which are the inner frame that holds a tyre. Though technically speaking, a rim can be defined as the outermost part of the wheel, rims and wheels are one in the same, in most cases anyway. Many custom mag wheels still retain the normal silver metallic look of the materials used to construct them, but there are also several varieties of mags that come in almost every colour imaginable, especially custom wheels.

Picking the right colour mags is not as simple as sticking with plain black or silver rims, especially if you hope to maintain any sense of style anyway. When choosing a set of mags it never hurts to follow some of the basic principles of design and colour theory. It teaches that good style and aesthetics are built upon matching like colours, analogous colours, and sometimes complementary colours, if you really want your car to look its best.

And just like with clothing fashion, black will match with just about anything, regardless of whether your car is red, blue, yellow, green, or anything in-between. Black mags are always a safe bet. But while you’re selecting a new pair of colourful mags why not pick up a set of high performance tyres to go along with them too. After all you can never have enough of a good thing. There are a variety of colourful mags available at wheel and tyre retailers, where the dealer will help you to decide which colour mags will suit your style of car best.

Most car enthusiasts don’t like to change their mags unless they know it is going to make it look a lot better. Lightweight mags are designed to boost your car’s performance while flashy designed mags are made to turn heads. There’s no denying that custom mags are a great way to change the look and functionality of your car. It’s not only your wheels that will turn but heads will too.

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