You may have wondered, at some point, whether you should use a different set of tyres during the winter months. Does that mean that you would have to change your tyres each season? In some cases, it may be necessary to do so while in other cases you don’t have to do that. So should you change your tyres before winter starts?

If you live in an area that does not have extreme temperature fluctuations then it is not necessary to change the tyres. In the southern hemisphere, the temperatures for winter and summer do not change much (although the inhabitants may disagree), compared to that of the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere winter months are similar to the summer months as temperatures don’t usually drop below 10 degrees Celsius during winter. The overall climate is quite warm. So the chances of snow and ice on the roads are practically non-existent. It would not be necessary for you to change your tyres for winter because your vehicle won’t be subject to iced roads.

If you live in an area that expects snow every winter and the roads tend to be covered in ice, it may be worth considering a winter tyre. There are specific winter tyres that are designed to drive in cold and icy conditions because they have more traction and grip which won’t skid as easily. A regular tyre may not be able to handle the icy roads due to lack of traction which could lead to your car skidding across the road.

All weather tyres are another option when it comes to driving during the summer and winter months. They are more versatile and adaptable to both cold and warm weather. Generally, this would be suitable for areas that do not have extreme hot or cold weather conditions. However, some options can minimise skidding on icy roads, although they are not particularly ideal for snowy conditions. Be sure to find out from your wheel and tyre wholesaler which options are best suited to your requirements.

In essence, you don’t have to change your tyres every year because winter is at hand. However, it is advisable that you check the condition of the tyres before winter arrives. You need to check the tread and the overall condition so that you can be assured that they have maximum traction and grip on the road at all times. The best time to change your tyres is when the tread is low, when it appears to be degrading, or when there is an indication of a puncture.

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