Every type of car has a specific tyre that is the most suitable. The fact is that not every tyre works for every car. However, there are different off-road tyres that would work well with your monster of a car. That is if you are a monster car or monster truck driver.

When looking for the perfect tyre you have to make sure that the specifications match your needs and how you usually driver the car.

You should think about:

  • How fast you drive
  • The conditions you usually drive on. Think about steepness of the terrain and moisture that may be present.
  • How much stability you will need. The tyre will need to be wider for more stability.
  • Depth of the tread is important. Different tread shapes and patterns are designed for different purposes.
  • Consider the flanges that are required to protect the rim and for a snug fit of the wheel.

Wanli is known as one of the best types of tyres with clever tread patterns to help with off-road travelling. The different designs serve different purposes that could benefit any mountain explorer. Most of the patterns made have been designed to assist with slippery surfaces in conjunction to the type of surface the car will go on. It is a definite must have for anyone who dreams of outdoor adventures and craves the muddy quests.BF Goodrich is another well-known brand that has impeccable grip on rocky roads. The makers of this product have created a touch sidewall so that the drive can be easier when going around corners and curbs. The treads are exceptionally deep to allow for off-road gallivanting.

Goodyear is another tyre that is at the top of the list for four wheel driving. The material is specifically chosen to add as much strength as possible to last you a while. The material may be heavy but it is definitely worth it in the end. The chunky treads give you that beetle climbing effect that every Jeep owner loves to experience.

You could feel like the modern day Indiana Jones with famous and excellent quality off-road tyres. The adventure starts with you and how far you are willing to push the limits of your car. The right tyres can help you climb those mountains.

When going into hectic terrains, traction should be the main force on your mind when getting new tyres. A tyre importer will know exactly the brand that is suitable for your needs and the exact model that will allow you to be the outdoor explorer you always dreamed of being.