Lenso is known for having different styles of wheels. In the Lenso Series the variety includes Raiden Project D, Grandioza, Samurai, Conquista, and Opus. Each one has its own unique design and concept.

Raiden Project D wheels all have a silver edging on either side of the spokes. The spokes have also been shaped and tempered for a curved shape that reaches out then crashes back into the wheel lining. The thicker spokes come in fives and sixes whilst the thinner spokes come in eights, nines, tens and twelves. The higher the amount of spokes the harder it is to guess which brand the wheel design comes from, sometimes.

Grandioza Wheels have a chrysanthemum effect. Not quite the flower but the shape of the flower. Each concept has its own spoke design. Some may have a sagittate shape giving the wheel a fuller appearance whilst others have an indented lining which looks like a double pronged fork along the metal bars. With these concepts put together, the word Grandioza lives up to its origins which mean “great”.

Samurai Wheels have the concept of the Katana and other Japanese weapons. In terms of the blade concept, the wheel has a smooth shape that cuts through the air just like the Katana would. The Makibishi is a similar concept used for some of the wheels. The weapon resembles a child’s jack (small pointed toys) but in terms of the weapon, is like a dangerous item that is hidden on the floor. Just like the wheel, it pierces through the ground.

Conquista similarly means conquering new territory but has the main appearance of a pronged fork. Using this, the spokes are arranged and fixed into the wheel to form a daisy like shape. Daisies have the meaning of new beginnings. It is an elegant effect despite being floral which was designed to conquer the roads.

Opus, in Latin, means a particular piece of music used by a specific composer. Using that concept the Opus style was formed. The design has a graceful effect when in motion but at the same time has the feeling of danger and a thought that must be avoided. The Opus appeals to the daredevils. The patterns can easily be regarded as sound waves or motions either being full (bass), being singular and perky (staccato) or giving the feeling of chords being played as the spokes are parallel to the tar of the road.

If you are willing to get these well thought out wheels, the best place to start looking is a tyre importer or a tyre wholesaler. A car is not complete without a hidden message behind the design of a wheel.

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